January 2019 General meeting

YOU don't want to miss this general meeting!!  It's going to be a doozy!!  The Excitement is building for the upcoming parades. 

This is the last meeting before the BIG THREE!!!  That's right the Children's Parade, Gasparilla and the Knight Parade all happen right after!!  This meeting will be filled with a lot of important information about these parades and SHOPPING!!! Who doesn't want to spend time with all the amazing Agustina women and shop too?!?!?   Our awesome Krewe shop will be available. 

We will also be collecting money for the footballs for the Shiner’s East/West game, we are half way there.  Donation suggestion is $10-15/per person (we are still working on prices with Dick's! so check back for confirmation!!) We need to raise enough money for 50 footballs.   Shriner's has done so much for us (free meeting space!!!) so let's show them how much we appreciate them!

Available items Krewe shop, pre-invasion tickets and Liquor leis will be for sale.

If you have not picked up your patch yet, patches will be available as well as your liability release forms.

Where: Centro Astriano Ybor - 1913 N Nebraska Ave

Times: 5:30-6:30 - social time - come and get a drink and visit

6:30-8:00 - meeting with parade    

8:00-8:30pm - open tables

Specials:  The Krewe 21st Anniversary pin will be unveiled and on sale for the first time!! Don’t miss out!!! $10 cash or check only please!!