Pet Project, Center for Great Apes

Pet Project

December 15, 2018

Center for great Apes – 5843 Van Simmons Rd. Wauchula, FL

Hours  needed; 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Volunteers; Go to their website and click on the Wish List to find out what items they are in need of.  Please RSVP to Kaye if you plan to go, we'll plan a caravan or a meet up place.  This is a wonderful educational place for all of us, but especially your children.  Plan on bringing them.

They are wanting used fire hose, so if anyone has friends or family with the fire department, please see if they'll donate.  They're looking for skinnier hose so the chimps can grip it.

There's a $25.00 entry fee unless you purchase a membership, then you and family members can get in free. 

As I said before, please RSVP so we can plan the ride down.  Also if you want to donate but have no plan to go, let us know and we'll pick up your donations. 

Again, this is a wonderful, educational afternoon.  They walk around and introduce us to each ape and tell their rescue stories, we'll also get to meet Bubbles, Michael Jackson's chimpanzee.  I hope everyone can go with us.  Our pets stay home for this one!

All Ages & Children welcome

Volunteer Dress Code; Augustina logo shirt. 

Event Contact & Sign upKaye Ware 

(813) 996-6529